How Do We Get a Marriage License?
The requirements for entering into a marriage and the process to apply for a license can be found below:
                    New York 

In NJ, there is a three day waiting period before the license is issued, and the ceremony must be performed within 30 days.  In NY, there is a one day waiting period before the license is issued, and the ceremony must be performed within 60 days.

Where Can the Ceremony Take Place?
The license may be used anywhere within the state that issued it.  However, in NJ, when neither party is a resident of the state the ceremony must be held in the municipality which issued the license. 

Are Witnesses Required?
Yes, and the rules differ between the states.  In NJ, the ceremony must be performed in the presence of two witnesses who are over the age of 18.  In NY, only one witness is required and there is no minimum age.

Is Any Counseling Required?  What About a Blood Test?
No to both.

Is a Rehearsal Necessary?
This is up to you, based on how elaborate your ceremony will be, the venue, and if people (other than the three of us) will be participating.  As a general rule, the larger the wedding party the more beneficial a rehearsal will be.  Commonly, I will review the ceremony with the wedding party an hour before it begins.

How Far In Advance Should We Contact You?
Please contact me as soon as you have chosen the date for your ceremony.  Even if you have last minute plans I may be able to be of service. 

We'd Like a Private Ceremony, and Don't Have Much Time.  Can You Help?
Yes!  Schedules often change so as long as you have a valid license and the required witnesses, please check my availability by calling me at   201-396-9689 for the quickest response.

Where Do You Perform Ceremonies?
I live in Essex County, NJ and perform ceremonies in northern and central New Jersey, New York City and surrounding counties, and eastern Pennsylvania.  Ceremonies held in New York City must be performed by an officiant who is registered with the city, as I am (ID number 1542791).
Please ask about venues outside of this area, as I am willing to consider exceptions.

Who Handles the Paperwork?
That is my job.  Do not write on your license or alter it in any way after it has been issued.  After the ceremony, I will give you a signed copy and file the original with the appropriate municipal clerk.

How Do I Get A Certified Copy of My Certificate of Marriage?
Within five business days after the ceremony, I will mail or hand-deliver the completed license to the registrar of the municipality where the service took place.  Approximately two weeks later, you should contact that registrar to purchase several original certified copies of the Certificate.  I will provide you with contact information.

How Long Will the Ceremony Last?
This is up to you.  Most last 15 to 25 minutes, but yours may be longer if you choose to include readings, traditional ceremonies, and guest participation.  

May We Write Our Own Vows?
Yes, I encourage it.  Writing your own vows is a beautiful way to personalize your ceremony and make the sentiments they express most meaningful.  I will share many resource guides to assist you with this.

What Will You Wear?
A conservative business suit or black robe with a colored stole is my usual attire.  Upon your request, I will dress more casually, in accordance with the theme of your ceremony. Please click over to the Gallery page to see pictures.

For appointments, questions, or date availability call or text me at your convenience!

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